Wednesday, January 5, 2005


To inaugurate the interactive section of Fight.Boredom, we took a look back at the seminal games of our youth. While Hungry Hungry Hippos and Chutes and Ladders proved stiff competition, Battleship proved the most playable for desktop adaptation.

First adapted from a pencil and paper game into Milton Bradley's popular iconic guessing game, we now take our turn, transforming Battleship into a colorful desktop challenge. We've added more ships and more squares to make the game more challenging but have strived to keep the look and feel of the classic game intact (complete with white and red pegs – but these are no choking hazard. Play against the computer and sink Boredom's fleet before it can find your ships. So minimize that word doc, close your email, and take a few minutes to enjoy this small amusement in the arsenal against boredom. fb

Launch Battleship!

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