Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Cloudjammer's 2005 playlist

At Cloudjammer, we keep the music playing all day long – you've probably heard the rhythms behind each phone call to our offices. We beat away the silence with a wide variety of the best music available – from classic tunes by Old Blue Eyes and the great Band Leaders to classic rock and the newest indie, brit rock, and hip hop on the market.

Sample some of the music on the studio's playlist – from perennial favorites to this season's newest additions. If you like what you hear, jump off to iTunes or Amazon and flesh out your own library.

Listen to samples from this issue's playlist

Happy listening! fb

Erykah Badu "I Want You"
from the album "Worldwide Underground"
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A long, layered, track that feels more like a jam session than a polished single – it might be the best makeout song we've heard in years.

Cary Brothers "Blue Eyes"
from the EP "All The Rage"
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One of Apple's Top Ten Folk Songs of 2004, this track rocketed onto our radar from the "Garden State" soundtrack – great to sing along with.

Getz/Gilberto "The Girl from Ipanema"
from the album "Getz / Gilberto"
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From one of the best-selling jazz albums ever
comes one of the biggest jazz singles of all time.
Liberate it from Muzak!

Origa "Inner Universe (Ghost In The Shell)"
from the soundtrack to "Stand Alone Complex"
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A Russian/English lyric on a strong electric beat form this great title track from the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Kasabian "Club Foot"
from the album "Kasabian"
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These self-styled saviors of music have produced the most refreshing Brit-rock track since Blur's "Song 2" or Travis' "Blue Flashing Light".

M83 "Run Into Flowers (Midnight F*ck Mix)"
from the album "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts"
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This French duo delightfully lace intense and tender electronic styles with hushed vocals to create an addictive electronic medley.

Stan Rogers "Barrett's Privateers"
from the album "Between the Breaks...Live!"
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The live (1979) and definitive version of this seaman's dirge about Canada's war against the US during the 1776 revolution. Argh!

The Shins "The Past And Pending"
from the album "Oh, Inverted World"
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Our favorite album of the last 6-months, it was hard to sample just one track for this list. Get the whole album – it's that simple.

Thievery Corporation "Lebanese Blonde"
from the album "The Mirror Conspiracy"
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A stylish and easy groove complete with sitar, Jamaican-style horns, sexy vocals, and sublime
mid-tempo beats.

UNKLE "What Are You To Me?"
from the album Never, Never, Land
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The UNKLE trio's wide-scope epic trip-hop features great vocals and rolling digital music, reminiscent of Dirty Vegas.

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