Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life Takes Heart

I recently had the opportunity to take the creative lead on a series of television commercials for the WellStar Cardiac Network—the largest collection of heart docs in the Atlanta area. With the rest of the team at Mindpower and a crack team of directors, DPs, and still photographers, I got to take part in every step of the process, from initial concepting and storyboarding to location scouting and principal photography (with a killer Red camera). We filmed the backgrounds, backdrops, and foreground actors and volunteers each seperately, photographing them simultaneously, so we could composite the TV spots, and future print and web pieces, as needed.

Check out the results:

WellStar Cardiac Network Television Spot 1

WellStar Cardiac Network Television Spot 2

There's a great print series that we're developing to run alongside this series, so check back for more updates. FB