Sunday, October 5, 2003

What's Wrong with Buying Love

I have always felt a certain amount of resentment towards the DeBeers commercials. I see the beautiful people in beautiful places, and it is not until the man gives the woman a diamond that she shows him that she loves him. This is a statement that maybe love is for sale or, worse yet, that diamonds equal love.

How can anyone ever say that diamonds equal love? For me love has always been an emotion that was pure and has no price – it can only be given. I know that nowhere have they actually said this, but that is what they are telling us with the imagery they use, what the scripts say, and what the actors show us.

Their slogan is “Diamonds are Forever”, which could not be more true. In this environment, they might as well as say that the ring will last longer than the marriage. What originally gave me the thought is the commercial of the shadows where the only thing that is real is the diamond ring. Which really speaks to me – is the only real thing in two peoples lives a piece of jewelry?

With all of this in front of us how could we not see that “Diamonds are Forever” really means diamonds equal love. Though maybe I have always been na├»ve, I thought of love as a higher thing. Love is without restriction, or reason; love is something that you can get lost in. I just hope that these ideals don’t just exist in my own mind. I hope instead that this is what love truly is. fb

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