Sunday, October 5, 2003

Memories of Kozmo

Once upon a time, you could order a DVD on demand and have it arrive at your door within an hour. You could make a phone call or visit a website and get all of your grocery shopping done in a moment and brought into your kitchen. But now the easy way of life is over.

Or is it?

A brave new dot com is trying things out in the Atlanta area –, a new breed of

You can purchase just about anything you could get at your nearby CVS store and a lot of things you can't. Most notable: Atlanta's very own Jake's Ice Cream! You can have Jake's Cinnamon Apple Piescream and Chocolate Slap Yo' Mamma ice cream delivered to your door (provided that door is in the limited metro-Atlanta delivery area). Other local restaurants – Ami, Cherry, and Santinos – have joined in, too.

Zifty will deliver within an hour, between 5pm and 1am. Sure beats making reservations. You can now enjoy great food and a movie without someone else spilling their drink all over you – without ever having to leave home. serves Lower Buckhead, Piedmont Park, Midtown, Virginia Highlands, Little Five, Candler Park, Grant Park, Inman Park, GA Tech, and Georgia State University Areas.

The cost is reasonable – you need to order $9.95 in order to get a free delivery. The sign up process is easy and the payment process painless. This is something Checker Cab may need to look into.

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