Monday, April 28, 2008

A Rather Difficult Font Game

Think you are pretty good at identifying typefaces? We thought we were. But we were recently shamed by our 23/34 score on Kari Pätilä's Rather Difficult Font Game over at the Say It Ain't Slow blog.

Currently the game challenges you with 34 typefaces to identify but the word is out that this may soon expand to an even larger collection of fonts. For our part, every designer we know (well, aside from the habitually font-challenged HTML designers) has reveled in the game. And while your SAT test-taking skills will help you pare down the choices sometimes, ultimately you just need that instinctive ability to discern Rosewood from Copperplate.

As ILoveTypography commented, "this kind of game is more than fun. In attempting to identify type, our sensitivity to type — and our ability to see what distinguishes one typeface from another — is heightened; it’s akin to cultivating a nose for wine."

For our part, we tried the game a second time and crawled kicking and screaming up to 27/34. So much for our uncanny font-recognizing powers...

Play The Rather Difficult Font Game
(iPhone users even get their own flavor of the game)

Enjoy! FB

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