Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Designer Diversions with Substance

We recently stumbled across two entertaining diversions that screamed to be shared:

Make My Logo Bigger Cream
For every designer that has struggled against clients who hate white space, swoon for starbursts, and love big, fluorescent logos, the satirical infomercial for Make My Logo Bigger Cream (and its associated products) will ring painfully true.

We found that every designer and developer who saw this ad found a different product most appropriate for their client or boss – from the Whitespace remover spray to the emotional lotion. By our count, the only "solution" Make My Logo Bigger Cream's creators forgot was a "set my logo on fire" starter log.

If Microsoft Designed iPod Packaging
A relic from 2005's iPod introduction and related hoopla, this video pokes clever fun at the different aesthetics Apple and Microsoft bring to product packaging. The result is so dead on that you can almost imagine the butchered Microsoft iPod 2005 (Human Ear Edition) packaging sitting on the shelf next to an abandoned copy of Vista.

The video's use of music and client direction and comments is phenomenal. You can actually watch the design transform from Apple's polished packaging into it Microsoftinstein antithesis.

Microsoft iPod

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