Saturday, January 6, 2007

Cloudjammer Designers Present FBtees!

In Fall 2006, Cloudjammer launched the FBtees collections – a line of custom-designed tee-shirts and gifts through, accessible at

The inspiration for the FBtees collection was launched with two pilot designs: "Chicks Dig Historians", a design conceived to satisfy a growing demand among J.D. Jordan's colleagues in the UGA history department; and "Got Pie?", a double-edged question loaded with double entrendre. As the site reminds, "the ladies are crazy about historians. Is it the mad moneyz? Is it the suave, polished personae? Who can say... but there is not doubting it" and "you can tell a lot about a man by how he eats pie: Does he take a big piece? Does he gorge the filling? Does he eat it quickly or does he savor it?"

Since the site's launch, the popular designs have consistently been those loaded with nostalgic, fandom, or euphemistic value. FBtee's Old School Mac Icon line, lets people wear their love for their first 8-bit 1984 Macintoshs, showing the word their passion for those old black and white SEs cooling in the veteran mac-users' attics. "Can't load the finder? Not with these iconic tees!" An FBtee's fanwear selection, the "I Voted for Roslin" line for Battlestar Galactica fans reminds, as the site declares, "all those toaster-lovers who you voted for and how, if you had your way, that quagmire on New Caprica would never have happened." And a sexually suggestive patriotic design for sailors and sailor's loves, "I (heart) Seamen" has sold very well, especially over the holidays, in women's wear and underwear themes.

Going into 2007, FBtees has expanded to offer 33 designs in hundreds of apparel and gift combinations. Cloudjammer Network designers hope that several new designs will capture the market's interest as did the earlier designs. Watch for tee's showing the wearer's love for the chosen people with our new "Do The Jew" line. Keep a little history and a little irony in mind with the new "Lie Back and Think of England" ('cause it isn't always about want or love ... sometimes it's about country). And remember the funnest city in Georgia with the "I've Died and Gone to Athens" line of apparel and gifts – cause Athen's isn't just the home of the Dawgs."

Are some of the tee's inappropriate or suggestive? Some perhaps even crass? Sure. But we hope they're all as much fun to wear as they were to design and as long as our sales continue to exceed our shop hosting costs ... we'll keep 'em coming.

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