Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Go Fuze Yourself

I tend to look for new and innovative products: A new shirt by a hot designer or a hat that sets the trend for the season. I made my latest discovery at my local grocery store – its bright packaging made it impossible to miss. FUZE!

Fuze belongs to a new “smart age” family of beverage. Unlike most “healthy drinks” Fuze has many more healthy ingredients than bad. It even tastes good (as opposed to the flavor disaster that is most of Sobe’s selection).

One of Fuze’s major health-wise selling points is that it excludes high-fructose corn syrup from its formula. Instead it is sweetened with crystalline fructose. This new process gives Fuze 25-50 fewer calories then many other beverages.

John Blair, vice president and national sales manager for the company, boasts: “Our product is the first to have 100 percent of the RDA of seven essential vitamins." The vitamin and essential ingredient content of Fuze has become on of the drink’s major selling points. Each bottle is defined for a particular health benefit (Essential, Focus, Replenish, Slenderize, Stamina, etc.) and details the ingredients and their intrinsic nutritional value.

Fuze understands that consumers are becoming more health-conscious and are starting to understand the importance of vitamins and other healthful ingredients in their daily diet.

I usually enjoy a Focus, Refresh, or Replenish Fuze during lunch, depending on my mood. How cool is the drink that follows your moods? Now if only it could solve all of the world’s problems… fb

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