Thursday, December 5, 2002

Holiday Gift Picks

This holiday season we took a look at three of the hottest gift picks on our wish lists. Take gander before heading out to the mall:

Patrick Greer – Nintendo Gamecube

There are an amazing number of fun, new and interesting toys that would make ideal gifts. My thoughts went out to these items for Christmas – from PDA’s to computer games to a few books I would just love. The thing that I kept falling back to, though, isn't new at all. It's actually a throwback to the youth I remember so fondly. The Nintendo Gamecube adds the great characters I adventured with as a child to a new world of animation and graphics.

They have created a wonderful game console that amazes the eye with its sharp look and small size – the controllers are actually larger and more cumbersome then the box itself! The size of the Gamecube is no reflection of its power; it can hold its own compared to Microsoft's Xbox or Sony's Playstation 2 (and for a good bit less on the price). Then, of course, you get the wide variety of new games that Nintendo has released and their ability to reuse some of their trademark characters and stories in fun new ways to entertain all ages.

J.D. Jordan – The Apple iPod
Perhaps this is an extremely biased pick, but the Apple iPod is just about the coolest thing on the planet for the tech-savy person on your holiday shopping list – Mac-user or not. The iPod, a harddrive MP3 player, comes in 5mb, 10mb, and 20mb models (the 20mb model can hold 4,000 songs...who dosen't need that?) for Mac and PC. The biggest perks go, of course, to the Mac users who can sync thier desktop Macs to their iPods through Apple's own MP3 software, iTunes.

The iPod interface is truly a delight to use – browse your song list either with a rolling navigation wheel or with the earphone remote. All models also come with digital address and phone books, an integrated day planner, fast-charge batteries, and 20 minutes of skip buffer. The 10mb model has recently been upgraded to be thinner (less than three-quarters of an inch thick), lighter (6.5 oz), and more resistant to dust and debris. You can even get it engraved. And it's only $299, $399, or $499 (only...)

Fleming Patterson – BlackBerry Internet Edition
Now this is a product that is portable and has the functionality for just about all your business needs in the palm of your hand. The BlackBerry Internet Edition is a wireless solution that provides access to your existing email anytime, anywhere. It’s a personal organizer that is fully synchronized with your desktop computer. There's a peace of mind that comes from knowing you are always connected. It is like having your office in your pocket.

The BlackBerry has a good nationwide wireless data network and also has an Internet browser that can obtain important information while you are on the go. EarthLink is currently offering the Blackberry at around $349.00-$399.00 with a monthly service of $39.95 per month with optional web access at $9.95. More information can be found at EarthLink’s BlackBerry site. fb

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