Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I Want Today to Have Never Begun

To commemorate the first anniversary of September 11, 2001, Cloudjammer's principals each relate, in their own way, where they were and what they felt that morning.

Driving sleepy, barely awake
Wondering already when today would end
Radio crash accident poor people
How could this be?
Please God take care of them

Listening awake sorrow
Again crash two?
How could this be?
It could not be!
Something wrong

Anger bastards
Another crash pentagon
Oh God not again
How many more?

Plane fell from the sky
At least there are a few.

Planes landing
Plane missing
Fighters shoot it down
What am I saying?
Not real
What is?

Confusion anger sorrow terror
I am scared
I am too angry to be scared
Must be strong

Death toll rises
As buildings fade
So angry
So very angry
Blood spilt and blood spilt again

I now think things
I have never thought before
I just want today to end

No, I want today
To have never begun.

- Patrick Greer, September 11, 2001 fb

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