Thursday, January 5, 2006

Cloudjammer's 2006 Playlist

At Cloudjammer Studio, we keep the music playing all day long – you've probably heard the rhythms behind each phone call to our offices. We beat away the silence with a wide variety of the best music available – from classic tunes by Old Blue Eyes and the great Band Leaders to classic rock and the newest indie, brit rock, and hip hop on the market.

Sample some of the music on the studio's playlist – from perennial favorites to this season's newest additions. If you like what you hear, jump off to iTunes or Amazon and flesh out your own library. Also, don't forget to check out our favorite tracks from last year.

Listen to samples from this issue's playlist

Happy listening! fb

Ben Folds Five "Underground"
from the album "Ben Folds Five"
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A fun musical romp, reminiscent of ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky," that manages to poke fun at indie music while delivering a slick performance.

Caribou "Barnowl"
from the album "The Milk of Human Kindness"
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Dan Snaith, formerly Manitoba, now rebranded as Caribou, delivers a climatic piece that builds from humming to a crescendo of sound.

Gorillaz "Dare"
from the album "Demon Days"
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The animated band is back, blending more hip-hop and brit-pop with this fun track, complete with falsetto vocals and strong beat.

The Go! Team "Huddle Formation (live)
from the album "Thunder, Lighting, Strike"
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This British group's blend of rock, hip-hop, and cheerleading produces a high-energy track guaranteed to get you bangin' on the floor.

Hard-Fi "Cash Machine
from the single for "Cash Machine"
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A weekly iTunes free-download that is sweeping the radiowaves and tearing out our car stereo speakers.

Colin Hay "Overkill"
from the album "Man @ Work"
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The original Men At Work lead man crones beautifully in this acoustic track first encountered on NBC's Scrubs.

Jackson and His Computer Band "Fast Life"
from the album "Smash"
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A layered electronic mixture of female vocals, piano, strong beats and Jackson's computer.

My Morning Jacket "Gideon"
from the album "Z"
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A ghostly, haunting vocal dominates this mesmerizing track by Louisville's latest indie ensemble.

David Newman "Rebuilding Serenity
from the soundtrack to "Serenity"
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The Big Damn Soundtrack isn't just for browncoats – Newman masterfully combines space opera symphonies with wild west flavor.

Shel Silverstein "Front Row Seat to Hear Ole Johnny Sing
from the album "The Best of Shel Silverstein"
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Everyone's favorite child poet and erotic illustrator joins forces with Johnny Cash to perform this surprising bluegrass track.

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